About Us

                         Alpha Tennis Academy was originated by Ms.Daya Priyadarshini State level tennis player located in CLRI Campus, Adyar, Chennai. It was full oxygenated ambiance which brings out the best mental and physical alertness for the learning as well as practicing the game Tennis. Alpha is the ideal training facility for tennis players and fitness enthusiasts of all ages and levels. Our Head Coach and Founder Ms.Daya was instructed our Professional and Experienced Tennis teaching staffs to motivate and provide directions to the players / trainees on setting and reaching their playing goals. We have well maintained hard and clay floodlighted Courts with the options of Private lessons, Small group classes, Cardio -Tennis Trainings, Match play and Tournament preparation sessions.

Our Aim

  • Wholesome development of the kid in physical, mental, technical and tactical aspects of the game tennis.
  • Our academy’s prime goal is make the player / trainee fit to play tennis, as tennis is a game of foot work.
  • To provide a healthy lifestyle and ensure an enjoyable Experience through an excellent Tennis coaching.

Our Head Coach

Ms.Daya Priyadarshini was the Founder and Head Coach a State level tennis player and won many championships and medals in playing career; after the graduate started coaching career as a tennis Coach at St’ Michael’s Academy, Chennai laterMs.Daya has been a coach for 10-year at Stint at Las Palmas Sunnyvale Tennis Centre, California. Madam was a US – PTR (United States-Professional Tennis Registry) Certified Coach and Diploma holder in Tennis coaching at YMCA, Chennai.

                Once Ms.Daya was come back from California with a solid plan to inculcate the game tennis in all category people of the hometown as a first step madam was started “Alpha Tennis Center” at Kottivakkam, and produce many players; madam was mainly focused on working people those who’re really struggling to maintain their fitness level many adult men & women was got benefited and enrich their fitness level through playing tennis every Day. As a second stage Ms.Daya was extended this tennis service with new courts in a Natural atmosphere the Alpha Tennis Academy at CLRI and start working with Grass root level to tournament level Kids to Adult group. Madam was always work according to strength and needs of the individual player to attain the best performance.

Our Fitness Coach

Our fitness coach Dr.Kamala Kannan is a highly qualified person, he was a Professional Doctorate (Ph.D.) holder in Sports Training Methods and lot of publications / research works done in the field Sports & Athletic Training; Kamal is renowned Personality in the Madras University Sports & Physical Education sector he was familiar in Professional soccer arena. Kamal has worked at leading Education Institutions and Fitness Industries / Gyms in Chennai and been the team Manager and cum Coach for Madras University football team; his team was well known team for fitness in the all India level Football Tournaments. Either it’s a team or Individual sport Kamal always has a unique style in formulating a comprehensive fitness program according to the needy, especially for kids / grass root level he focused on improving Balance, Agility, Flexibility, Explosive Strength and Coordination. Goal of the training package is to introduce a wide range of fitness exercises to children that will help establish a strong foundation for any sport.

Our Trainers

               Our coaching staff is comprised of former great players, Champions, and qualified with minimum of 5 years teaching experience in the field of tennis. Over their many years of teaching / Coaching, they has successfully seen and support to the transition of students from a beginner level to an intermediate and then to an advanced level player. There are keen and interested in improving the player’s leads to the fact that our wards improve and achieve great results in domestic and international tournaments